Strategy and Implementation

Aligning organizational mandates and aspirations with current and emerging market demands.

Strategy programs and services are directed at teams and their leaders who are committed to defining, embedding and implementing new strategic directions.

Strategic planning requires a combination of brilliant ideas, time sensitive action and hard work to ensure organizations remain relevant and responsive in a rapidly changing world.

Some of the most difficult challenges in strategic planning is to turning ideas into reality. Initiating new work activity, installing new work processes and modifying people’s behaviour are fraught with predictable, yet complex issues. While strategic plans appear quite doable when presented around a table, management veterans knows first hand how difficult they can be to implement.

Our Strategy Series embodies the latest in scientific thinking, business acumen and organizational change work to ensure our clients’ strategic success.  We know how to navigate the hurdles leaders and managers are forced to leap over to turn a great idea into reality. We understand what it takes to turn a work unit in a new direction and how to do in timely manner with a successful outcome.

The Meeting Mat is new group decision-making tool. Its purpose is to sponsor real-time transformation in thoughts, feelings, beliefs and action.  Burst! facilitates seven defined stages of group work to deliver clear decisions that lead to new levels of sustainable outcomes.


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