Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement & consultation are more than current trends, they are hard-core mechanisms for change and progress when used the way they were intended.

Power shifts when people believe their voice will be heard and honoured by those initiating the consultation process. Public engagement processes and stakeholder consultations have been around a long time, but they have also been misused and over-promised. At Burst!, we work hard to ensure the necessary elements are in place to secure meaningful involvement followed by aligned action.

Designing and delivering a truly productive mechanism to engage people at the most strategically appropriate time and place is what makes the difference between political rhetoric and real power shifting in the hands of the people who can make the most difference.

Our methodologies include a wide assortment of facilitation technologies including World Cafe, Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry, asset mapping, environmental sensing and scanning, spotlight showcasing, walk-abouts, experience shadowing, online community building, public polling and surveying. And we do this with integrity and respect for the task at hand as well as the people involved.


We use a suite of services and tool kits to support organizations in meaningful engagement of citizens on issues critical to all parties. All services are tailored to reflect the purpose and participants involved.


This 1 to 2 day workshop brings stakeholders together to define and construct collaborative relationships required to successfully undertake a project. The workshop builds relationship infrastructure by identifying common values and interests, establishing rules of engagement, and creating collaborative agreements that will initiate and sustain the work to be done.

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