Learning & Development

Burst! Transformational Solutions offers a range of programs and services that target specific areas of organizational development and intervention. All our programs and services can be customized to reflect client needs, budgets and market callings.


Aligning organizational mandates and aspirations with current and emerging market demands. Strategy programs and services are directed at teams and their leaders who are committed to defining, embedding and implementing new strategic directions.

  • Strategic Positions (Open Session or In-tact Teams): Developing competencies associated with strategic insight and frameworks, goal setting, evaluation, stewardship and measurement.

  • NEW! The Meeting Mat: A new group decision-making tool. Its purpose is to sponsor real-time transformation in thoughts, feelings, beliefs and action.  Seven defined stages of group work deliver clear decisions that lead to new levels of sustainable outcomes.


Bring people from individual play to sustainable collaborative working relationships. Collaboration programs and services are designed for individuals, teams and leaders.

  • Operational Collaboration: Providing tools and methodologies for creating collaborative dialogues, installing influentional collaborative processes, and building trusted relationships.
  • The Collaboration Lab: Constructing collaborative relationships by identifying common values and interests, establishing rules of engagement, and creating collaborative agreements.
  • Teams in Conflict and Crisis: Mobilizing teams out of crisis and into an action plan that provides meaningful synergy and team-based high performance.


Enhancing leadership capabilities in changing dynamics within organizations and market environments. Our leadership Series provides support for leaders in the development of a spirited culture that initiates and embeds accountability, responsibility and collective wisdom into daily practice.

  • Impact Leadership (For Intact-Teams or Open Session): Providing skills and experiential learning techniques that build the competencies associated with the core requirements of accountable leadership.
  • Power, Politics & Influence: This session goes under the surface of power, politics and influence to highlight the triggers and traps that undermine results.


Uncovering and shaping ways and means to enhance human exchange and interaction in the creation, sharing and growing of ideas. Our programs and services build shared meaning and strong relationships with highly divergent players in a wide assortment of dynamic environments.

  • Win-Win Communications (Basic): This workshop raises the necessary awareness and motivation for participants to acquire the skills needed to turn conflicted, aggressive and passive dynamics into a win-win scenario.
  • Win-Win Communications (Advanced):  The advanced version of the program would involve more complex dynamics and difficult scenarios with a greater emphasis on conflict resolution and critical relationship dynamics.


Building the capacity for innovation and creativity required to transform ideas into successful ventures. Our programs and services are based on the latest theories and methodologies in idea generation and are applicable to innovation practitioners operating in a wide assortment of settings (private, public, not-for-profit.)

  • Beating the Odds: Leveraging Bureaucracy for Outstanding Performance: Providing the tools and skills to transform targeted bureaucratic quagmires (visible and invisible) that are undermining the abilities of talented people to do their job well and to reach challenging goals.
  • Outlasting, Outdoing, Out Performing: At the heart of this program is specialized work focused on building self esteem and self confidence around one’s unique DNA (Distinct Native Ability) and the potential one is waiting to unleash.


Engagement processes and stakeholder consultation have been around a long time, but have also been misused and over-promised. At Burst! we work hard to ensure the necessary elements are in place to secure meaningful involvement followed by aligned action.

  • Citizen Engagement Program: This one day forum incorporates the tools and processes  used for meaningfully engaging citizens to provide first hand experience of engagement techniques and provide the basic understanding on how to  approach engagement sessions on important public issues.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration Services: This suite of services and tool kits provides the program and supports used by public sector and private organizations committed to a shared future.