Event Facilitation

Using social and multi-media tools, Burst! can make your event a change sponsoring catalyst.

From executive retreats to large scale conferences, Burst! will work with you to ensure an exceptional experience that meets your targeted outcome and goes beyond your expectations.

New ideas and outcomes require new methodologies. Our facilitation tools and techniques truly engage people and work to bring out the collective knowledge in a collaborative setting. We think it is important that events, large and small, have an impact that incites change in thinking and action beyond the time spent together. Using social and multi-media tools, Burst! can make your event a change sponsoring catalyst.

Organizational Gatherings: Annual general meetings, strategic roll-outs, or regularly scheduled gatherings—Burst! can make your gathering fun, productive, and effective.

Executive Retreats: Occasionally we need to step out of our habitual patterns and environments to enable new ideas and thoughts to emerge. Our executive retreats enable many levels of regeneration—everything from relationships to new strategic directions. We custom design and facilitate executive retreats informed by the needs and directions of the mandate you present us with. Fun, productive, and always transformational.

Burst! offers 2 exclusive retreat facilities. Owls Head in beautiful Southwest Cove, Nova Scotia, and The Beautiful Boot in Porto, Portugal. Please see Retreats on our webpage menu for more information.

Workshops: Any gathering, large or small, is an opportunity to get some work done. From agenda specific topics, to open forums and gatherings, Burst! can design and facilitate a workshop experience that is fun, insightful and productive with tangible outcomes. Using proven technologies augmented with experienced facilitation, we can take your work where it needs to go.

Conferences: We believe that conferences are opportunities for active participation. Our custom designs are unconventional and provide participants with a transforming experience. Science has shown that our attention spans are limited, yet our ability to absorb and process information is increasing. We know how to create stimulating events that allow participants to move from passive networking and information gathering to collaborative sharing and change sponsoring action. What kind of transformative experience are you looking to create?




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