Burst! Transformational Solutions is a strategic agency specializing in taking public and private organizations to their next evolutionary stage of positioning and performance.

Working with leaders, organizational teams, and communities, Burst! facilitates deep seated changes and out-of-the-box transformational breakthroughs. Through the use of proven leadership interventions, transformative processes and web technologies, Burst! enables the realization of truly innovative visions required to excel in todayʼs world.

We use transformational processes to not only define and shape the next generation of your organization, but develop the internal capacity as the catalyst for making it happen.

With over 30 years experience working with both private and public sectors, Burst! Transformational Solutions masterfully uses skills and techniques to enable  people—the building blocks of any organization—to connect their inner purpose with the work they have been called to do. We believe there is a reason why people currently are where they are. Our role is to help uncover that purpose, the passion that informs it, and discover how both contribute to the emerging future.